Problems using InfraRed extender with TiVo


Michael Brown

Has anyone had a problem using an intraRed remote control extender (Powermid Dual Power) with a TiVo remote?
The extender works fine with normal tv and video remotes but the won't accept any commands with the TiVo remote. I have also used a learning remote to transmit the TiVo commands to no effect either.
Anyone know an extender that will work?


I've also had this problem with a video sender and TiVo. I've got one setup in the kitchen that controls TiVo fine (well most of the time) and one in the bedroom that just wont send the IR back. I've swapped the receivers around but the one in the kitchen is still fine, but not the one in the bedroom. All other AV equipment from either unit works fine.
I've also tried useing my Marantz 9200 sending via RF and then useing the RF receiver to convert back to IR. Works fine for receiver/DVD/CD etc but TiVo doesn't.

The great thing about a TiVo is never having to watch the adverts, but it is so anoying when laying in bed and the adverts start and I have to run to the livingroom to FF them :thumbsdow

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