problems using cambridge audio remote


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hi guys woundering if any of you can help me!

last year purchased a cambridge audio 540c v2 cd and ran it with an old amp until today, when i decided 2 purchase a cambridge audio 640c v1 in the sale at richer sounds (£150!!, new!!).
anyhows, i get home and set it up, pick up the remote that came with the cd pressed power and both turned on as expected, however during the past few hours the remote has stopped working with the amp but till working the cd.
the only way to get it to operate the amp is to remove the mains.

also the amp froze at one point, will ring richer sounds in the morn but i would be interested to hear if ppl have had any similar experiences

ps one remote says v1 and the other v2 but both work (sometimes)



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quick update,
not had chance to take the amp back yet, but it seems to freeze up after an hour of normal play??

has anyone had anything similar?


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I tried a 640Av2 amp and one of the things I noticed is the remote didn't work very well - had to get up and walk half way across the room. And when it did work it was very erratic.

The same remote, however, worked fine for the 640C cd player from anywhere in the room

I exchanged for a 740A and no such problems since.



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bloney - how much extra did you have to pay for the 740A? Have you notice much difference in the sound?


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Hi Purbs,

Sorry - only just got back to the forum. I think the 740A was a good chink more - £500 compared to the £300 for the 640A.

But the improvement is very noticable - much more oomph, fuller sound, more kick to it. And the remote works much better than the 640A! The volume pot is nicer to use and the LCD display is quite cool!

So - I'm quite pleased with it, but my hand was forced into getting the 740A - not sure how it stacks up against other £500 amps.

I be very interested to hear of opinions on this!


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i dont believe it!!

ive had a replacement 640 v1 amp a day and the remote isnt responding and the unit wont turn of on the stadby switch, AGAIN!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

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