Problems transferring from itunes to psp



Sorry if this has been asked before but im having serious problems transferring from itunes to the psp. I read somewhere about changing the file name but this has not worked for me so far. It also seems quite long winded to have to do this for each track you want on the psp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a firmware update to a different version that would help?

Currently version 1.52


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Try upgrading to 2.0. That has added .aac/.mp3 support. There's no need to have 1.52 anyways. 2.0 will be cracked for homebrew before it.


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Chrislad is correct, u need 2.00 -but even 2.00 won't play songs purchased via iTunes [as have copyright protection], only those ripped from cd.


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ah, DRM, that changes everything. A reason I have refused to download

The only thing left is burning songs as audio CD, then using that to put songs back on PC

Or you could try again and pray :)
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