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I am trying (unsuccessfully) to transfer data from the dvd in my Panasonic D100 camcorder onto my laptop, but the laptop tells me the dvd is blank yet I can view the data on the camcorder. I have carried out this procedure on several occasions before with no problem, but seem to be having a problem with this particular dvd. I've also tried to finalise the disc, but I get a 'finanalise failed' message. Does anyone have any suggestions please.


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Arent you able to copy it via the camcoder (USB ?)


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The camcorder may have a usb-out jack with which you connect to the PC ( you may need to install drivers for that). Not all DVD camcorders have usb out though

In those that do, This then allows you to copy off content of an unfinalised DVD in the camcorder ..This you normally cannot do by placing the disc in a PC DVD drive because an unfinalised DVD cannot be read by the PC

If all else fails and the Camcorder can play its own recorded DVD. You can record from that to a settop DVD recorder ( using its AV out) then use the DVD recorded from settop ( which should be readable)

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