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Problems transfering photo's to iPad Air


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My wife uses her Apple iPhone 4s to take pictures and then moves them to her I Pad air using a camera connection kit.But the small end which connects to the iPad air has broken off and this is the second time this has happened.Can someone suggest a better way of transferring photos from phone to iPad.I have a picture of what she uses which is enclosed,The small bit at the top is what has broken off.


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My apologies have got it wrong she is not moving the pictures from the but from her camera which is a Samsung WB35F.I thought she said phone.


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I don't think any of the third party ones are certified are they? So I'd personally go for the Apple version.

Alternatively I think the one you had looked like a rubbish design - if you are going to go generic I'd go for one of the ones with the (Apple style) short cable to the lightning plug as that should be less likely to break as there is some flex there.


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I got one of these - MediaShare Wireless Portable Streaming Device: Wireless Streaming - Accessories | Verbatim

Little box of tricks that you can put the SD card in from the camera and copy the files either to your IPAD or to another USB device (stick, 2.5" portable drive etc.). It also acts as a music and video streaming hub so you can stream HD videos from it to upto 5 devices (supposedly all different videos) so rather than clogging up your IPAD you can put them on a USB stick/drive and play them through this. May be useful for kids in the back of a car that want to watch different films.

So, I have this, a 1Gb portable 2.5" drive and a power brick and this will last all holiday.

Not the quickest solution but works fine for me to backup/view SD card files on my IPAD Air Pro and also store/watch videos for holidays.
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I am not sure why you would ever use a cable at all.

Smart Camera WB35F (Black) - Samsung UK

google photos?

to quote from samsung - use dropbox
Feel free to keep shooting, because your SMART CAMERA also comes with 2GB of free Dropbox web storage or 50GB if you have a GALAXY smartphone.

to quote from samsung - use wifi/NFC
AutoShare automatically sends every photo instantly to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi that’s powered by NFC technology.


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I have the verbatim thingy Ugg linked to. Works well, but a bit slow.


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Just use AirDrop, if both devices are near to each other you can use it. I use it all the time to move photos from my iPhone to my Mac or iPad. It really easy and you don't have to install any other apps. If you don't like that consider getting Google Drive as it will help any issues with storage as well.
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