problems setting up co-op game online with friend


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I apologise in advance for being a numptie! Can someone please give me an idiots guide to playing online with a selected friend. I know it will be simple when explained but I'm a bit of a noob and a silver surfer.

I set up a party, invite a friend successfuly yet I can't invite the friend to join a game as the option is not available.

Do I load the game then start a party and invite friend to join game.

Thanks for any help. On lunch break so will look in later to see if anyone can help. Ta.
Depends on the game my friend.
If it is FPS and you are selecting ranked multiplayer match, this could be why you cannot invite him/her.
You can start a party no problem and invite the whole party to a game , but if it's ranked , most games don't allow this.


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The party you can set up with your friends from the xbox menu isn't necessarily so you can play in the same game. Basically this allows you to set up which is essentilly a chat room if you will, so you can all speak to each other regardless of what you're playing.

Normally you have to be in the game and do it from there. In the latest Call of Duty for example, when you load up the multiplayer menu you can then start a party from there - so you can all join the same team. Same goes for the co-op mode - you start a party in the mneu before joining a lobby.


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Thanks for the help I was just wondering how to go about setting up and joining co-op games in general. Will persevere and use the information you have given!

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It's very game specific - some games require you start a specific session to play coop, and most will have setup options at the start, like Gears of War 2 for example. You should just be able to invite from the friends list screen though.

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