Problems selecting AV channel with Harmony One remote and Samsung P51E550


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Hi All,

Having problems selecting the AV channel on my TV using my Harmony One remote.

Just bought a new CCTV camera and hooked it up to the AV input on the TV, scrolling through the channel list with the Harmony One is fine, I can select the AV channel and it works, but when I try clicking the "InputAv" button, it does nothing.

I have tried pushing all the other ones (InputHDMI1, InputHDMI2, InputComponent etc.) and they straight away go to the right channel, it's just the InputAV which does nothing at all.

There is no actual "InputAV" button on the oringal remote, but in saying that, there is no inputHDMI1 etc. and they all work.

Anyone got any ideas why this one thing isn't working?

Thanks in advance


The Input commands shouldn't be on buttons at all.
The Harmony makes all Input settings automatically when you select the appropriate Activities.
If one of the input commands doesn't work then you specify the previous one from the list and add an Input Next command.
You can then ask Logitech support to make a new comamnd by combining that previous command and the Input Next into one.


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Any idea of the difference - if any - between the Harmony "One", "One UK", and "One Plus"? About to buy one of these from Amazon and the descriptions are vague on this point (although Amazon suggests the One Plus is the latest version of this series).


UK is a new one :D on me but plus and not plus is just a matter of plus that can use - but doesn't have to use - the cheap and nasty "myharmony" setup system and not plus that uses only the much better normal system..


That's OK, and unless there's a non-plus One at a better price you'll be fine with it - remember to set it up with the normal system, not the myharmony site.
The colour commands are fine on large clear coloured discs on the screen, or you can Customise them to spare hard buttons if you prefer.


Can the 700 use the normal setup procedure?



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