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Hi guys,

I realise that this may in completely the wrong place, if so, please could you recommend a good place for me to post and get advice on this kind of issue.

Here's my problem...

I have an old Gateway G6 266 PC. I tried to upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98. Everytime I completed the install process and then rebooted I was greeted by an error message stating that a file couldn't be found. Help on the web suggested that Gateway, Dell etc make it difficult ot upgrade their machines in this way in order to encourage the purchase of more hardware - i didn't want to be defeated!

It was suggested that I upgrade the BIOS. I identified the motherboard and downloaded the appropriate BIOS from the Intel website (motherboard id and BIOS type are definately correct, I promise!) The board in question is an Intel AL440LX and I downloaded version 14 of the BIOS (the latest and final release for this now unsupported motherboard).

Since my version of the motherboard was OEM I was unable to updrage the BIOS as usual with an IFlash utility, I had to us the recovery method. As expalined on Intel's website, I created a Windows 98 System disk and extracted the bios.exe file I had downloaded to the disk. I then powered down, removed the config jumper, inserted the disk and powered up. After 5 minutes of disk activity, 2 short beeps were heard (the mark of a succesful re-flashing I've been told) and disk activity stopped. I powered down and then powered the machine back up again with the jumper back in position.

The machine loads up, displaying the new BIOS type and recognising the keyboard, mouse and CD-ROm drivers. However, it does not then move to a DOS prompt, instead I am taken to a graphic screen with the message "Motherboard designed by intel". The machine seems locked at this point. If I hit F2 it returns me to the start-up screen and says "entering setup..." but never seems to get there.

What have I done???!!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance...



Not sure if this will help any, but when i upgrade the bios on my motherboard, after the upgarde I have to power off (removing the power lead from the back of the pc) set the jumper to clear cmos. power the pc back on again then power off, remove power lead. switch jumper back to orig possition. power on go into the bios setup, change date time etc and save and exit. :)

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