Problems purchasing TVs - a possible solution

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Stuart Wright, Dec 19, 2001.

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    I'm fortunate enough not to have gone through some of the awful experiences aired by many forum members with regard to buying their TVs (both rear projection and 'normal'). It seems that several (many?) mailorder companies start to become less helpful than people would like should a problem occur.
    Since many of the situations revolve around TVs bought mailorder, we then hear of nightmare tales of TVs being shipped back and forth with bad miscommunication - if any communication *at all* - with the dealer.
    Wanting to learn from your mistakes, if I were buying such a TV, I think I would have to pay more to get it personally from a local supplier. And have them set it up in the shop so I could check it out myself before taking it. If anything goes wrong with the TV, I can just pop the unit into the car and take it right back and speak to someone face to face. Since the TV is big I would have to budget in a small trolly like one of these Purpose Trolleys.html
    or these

    But the purchase would be worth it if you consider that the trolly would last you a lifetime of house moving, telly buying, fridge moving, freezer moving etc etc.
    Yeah, you're probably paying more from a local dealer and the trolly isn't cheap. But just think of the stress and hassle if something goes wrong with the telly and the back pain (I can vouch for it, you don't want to get it) if you lift something wrongly.
    Just a thought.
  2. laurel


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    You may need to budget for a white van also!

    My particular set would not fit in my motor which is a fairly large hatchback (Laguna).

    The sooner someone invents the "matter-transportation" device the better if you ask me (which you probably won't).



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