Problems playing back vhs-c tapes


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My wife has had a jvc vhs-c video camera for a about 5 years, for some reason or another its been sitting at the bottom of a cupboard for 6 months. My problem is i`ve gone to play back our recordings about 6 tapes and there all poor quality, looks as if the trackings out. After adjusting the tracking on the camcorder it makes no difference at all, could it be that all the tapes are damaged or could it be the heads on the camcorder are dirty. I was thinking of getting a vhs-c adaptor would this be worth it or are my tapes ruined, any other suggestions appreciated.

Please Help:lease:


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Could possibly be the camcorder heads, try a cleaning tape on them. The adapter is a good idea and I would think the quality would be a lot better. Is the picture in general poor or are there horizontal tracking lines along either the bottom or top. If it is the tracking that wont adjust then buying an adapter is the best bet.


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It seems to be horizontal lines think i`ll get an adaptor to check out my tapes and invest in a new camcorder.

Thanks for the reply.

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