Problems importing Canon. HV30 tapes

Kenny B

Novice Member
I have been trying for days now to get some old tapes digitized onto my aging MacPro from 2008. I'm running ElCapitan OS and have done this before many times but for some reason the computer is not recognizing the HV30. I tried buying a new cable, that did not work. I fear that I may have burned out the DV output on the camera or perhaps this version of El Capitan does not work with the HV30. I have tested the firewire port and it does work evidenced by my being able to digitize video footage from an even older camcorder, the Sony VX1000.

Q: Does El Capitan support the Canon HV30 or should I try an older Mac OS?
Q: Any suggestions as I am tempted to buy a used HV30 just to digitize these tapes (about 6 or 7).

I really like the results of the this camcorder and would use it in the future again but not something I normally use with the advent of iPhone videos,. We tend to use the iPhone for shooting smalll video clips but might use this HV30 for major life events, i.e., daughter competing in gymnastics, friends wedding, etc.

Kenny B

Novice Member
One other note: I am using iMovie version 11 9.0.4 (1634) to try the import. Coming up with Camera not recognize.

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