Problems downloading Pirates of the caribbean?

Ickle Yoda1

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Just got my 360 a week ago and loving it :thumbsup: So far been able to download everything without any problems except from the HD trailer for Pirates of the caribbean. It starts then just after it gets to 1% it tells me it cannot download the file.

Anyone else had this problem?


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Only thing i could suggest would to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive

Ickle Yoda1

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yeah the hard drive still has a lot of space. Only thing I have on there is the dead rising demo, a map pack for CoD and the stuff that came with the 360.

Any other ideas?


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You're not alone, had the same problem here despite having 11gb free. I did download the HD trailer for "A Scanner Darkly" which looks interesting. I tried the HD Pirates trailer several times before giving up.

General Panic

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Yep , same problem here. New 360 with nothing on it so far and wouldn't download the HD Pirates trailer though it did manage the SD one.

Other demos now downloading fine , Pirates HD only problem download i've encountered yet.

Ickle Yoda1

Active Member
Phew glad to see its not just me. Tried downloading loads of stuff last night and it all worked fine so must be a problem with pirates :)

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