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8583020555_d9143134fc_c.jpegHey guys,First post here. I could do with some ThumbGen help. I used thumbgen to create the sheet for the movie "300". It grabbed the info from IMDB, grabbed a fanart, and a poster, and the sheet looks sweet in the bottom right (preview).I hit generate. It does so successfully. So I now have the following files and folders in my 300 folder:.300.backdrop300.avi300.avi.tgmd300.avi_sheet300.jpg300.XML300_sheet.jpgI had previously used the WDTV Live (SMP) to lookup the movie info- which I think (guess) is where the .300.backdrop folder came from (and the XML file).In the ThumbGen program, I had ticked 'generate NFO file from movie information' - but interestingly, this file has not shown up in the folder?-however, it was apparent from the sheet preview that the movie info was present, as it was showing the PLOT info, Director info etc.Ok so it 'seemed' successful, until I booted the WDTV Live (SMP).I went into the media server, it then shows two sections, TV and MOVIES. I go into MOVIES, browse to the movie '300' and the thumbnail/poster which appears is the SHEET image. (pic 1)*Obviously not what I want! And when I go into that folder I see the poster image (correct) and the plot info at the bottom of the screen. (pic 2)*. This looks pretty cool, but it lacks the fanart.Ideally what I really want is... for the poster to show up in the list of movies. And then, the generated SHEET image to show up when I go into that movie's folder.(I believe this is the correct and usual manner of layout/browsing the thumbgen outputted material).--I hope this is clear as I am posting this on behalf of a friend so I am not too familiar with the workings/moddings of WDTVLive boxes! - and as such, he already generated movie information using WDTVs built-in scraper; which I believe (with my limited knowledge) maybe interfering with the results.Greatful for any help we can get! Cheers!

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