Problems dealing with Iqon for new Tesco computer

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I've got a new Iqon from Tesco.

And the whole experience has been awful.

First recovery disc, the very first thing wouldn't work.

So I phoned them. and they promised to phone me back. Within 24 hours. talk about modern. So I'm meant to spend all day in so the tech guy can phone back. Course I slipped out for an hour and he phoned. And that was that day lost. New computer. No help.

Next day I phoned again. The tech guy will phone you. :eek:

Eventually they said they'd send me a disc. Why the first person on day 1 couldn't have said that I don't know.

So I start using it. Straight away the Tesco word processor double saves. So I phone Iqon. Tech guy will phone me back. :rolleyes: See earlier problem repeated.

Eventually, the next day, an Iqon tech guy deigns to speak to me. He doesn't believe me. Are you an idiot, he implies. Have you double saved it yourself.

basically another 2 days for Iqon to do nothing.

Since then I've phoned about the missing Tesco Internet Security. iqon says it's Tesco's fault. I tell them Tesco say it's Iqon's fault. Guess what. They'll call me back.

I daren't tell them my computer runs as slowly as the old one it was meant to replace on line.


Shall I just take the thing back. Are Iqon always this bad. Advice please.


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If thats the service you have had so far, take it back to Tesco get a full refund and take your money elsewhere

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