Problems converting some DigiTV recordings to DVD



I'm having trouble trying to demux the mpg files created by recording on the Nebula DigiTV card.

If I record from BBC1 or BBC2 I can demux the files with ProjectX just fine. The problem occurs when trying to demux recording from ITV, C4, five, etc. When ProjectX finishes processing the file, it has only created the mp2 files, no mpv files.

If I use PVAStrumento to demux the files, the BBC recordings again work correctly. With the other channels, I get both mpa and mpv files, but the files are both incorrectly processed. The log file shows lots of synch and re-synch notices.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is?

I've never been able to get Channel 4 recordings into a DVD playable format using PVAStrumento, haven't tried ITV. My converted files do have synched sound but every couple of seconds there will be a jump, as if there's a mismatch between adjacent frames. The DigiTV player handles them fine but eveything else I've tried exhibits this behaviour.

DigiTV is due to record in DVD compatible format at some point so I'd resigned myself to waiting for that.


Not sure if it helps, but I use NeroVision to transcode into DVD format and it works fine with everything I've thrown at it ... C4 & BBC sources. Dead simple too - just drag the mpg file into Nero, and wait ... and wait ... and wait (it's not very fast !). No idea if it applies to what you guys are doing though.

There's nowt worth recording on ITV :devil: so I've not tried that.

Cheers, Carl.
I've been digging further, and it seems that the MPEG files recorded from some channels don't have the correct audio streams. The first audio header isn't at offset 0.

I thought that this must be an issue with the channels, but I tried the latest version of showshifter last night (version 3 now supports DBV, including the Nebula), and this records the problem channels without error.

I'm going to collate up my results and send them to Nebula support this afternoon.

Matt. :)
Actually, I've analysed the ShowShifter mpegs, and although they can be demuxed, there are still some errors on the files.

It appears that this happens to all the channels on Multiplex 2 and Multiplex A. Channels on all the other MPs do not seem to be affected.

I have emailed Nebula with my findings.

Matt. :)

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