Problems connecting SKY+ to ONKYO Receiver


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Hi Guys , i got a Onkyo NR-801e , trying to get my sky + to work through the conponent, i can only get it inputing from sky through s-video and outputing from amp to tv through s-video-to-scart

i bought a scart-to-component profigold cable, to run from the rgb on the sky for to amp , still wont run through the component,

i really want to run the least cables from amp to tv as possible thus saving from keep having to move input channels ie

dvd - hdmi
xbox - component
sky+ - av2s

any ideas??


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I dont think your scart-to-component profigold cable will work. What you need is a something like a JS Tech RGB (Scart) to Component box (£115 new) or QEC QVC (£70).

The sky+ box does not output component format through scart thus the need for the above device.

Have a look on the classifieds...theres some good second hand boxes knocking around.


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is the scart output on the sky+ box not rgb??

my amp is also ment to upconvert from composite/s-video to component

if i input the sky signal through either composit or s-video

and try to output it through component it will not display

no idea why, it if did that id be happy lol


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I know it's not the answer to your problem, but why not run an RGB scart from Sky+ straight to your TV? It'll be the same number of cables, offer the best picture (no conversion whatsoever) and be cheaper than buying all those other cables.


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sky boxes dont output a component signal so it won't work, if your amp is supposed to do what you say then there seems to be a problem with it. is it new? take it back if so


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Assuming you are aware of the difference between RGB and component, and if your amp can convert RGBHV (or RGB with Synch on composite) to component then you would have to ensure your Sky box is set to output RGB from the services->Picture menu, which is described as PAL (composite video) by default.

RGB from SCART sockets has the horizontal and vertical synch signal combined on the composite pin 18 or 19. A simple cable cannot convert RGB to component and if your amp can then it would need the synch signals as well as RGB

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