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Problems connecting Sky HD box Sky router


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Hi I've recently phoned Sky and got them to subscripe me to the new Sky Anytime+ service. They have told me that I need to connect my Sky Router to my Sky HD box with an ethernet cable. However, the problem that I have is that my telephone socket that connects to my Sky router is in a different room in the house and I don't want to run a 20m ethernet cable to my Sky HD box.

A friend has suggested that I use the following product, see belo link:

TP-Link 200Mbps Powerline Adapter Twin Pack | Ebuyer.com

However, he has said that I need to check first that it will work with a Sky HD box and Sky router. I also use the Sky router wirelessly with my laptop to surf the net.

Does anyone know if this product works with the Sky router and Sky HD box or has anyone used anither product to give the same connectivity.

Many thanks in anticpiation for your responses.



Hi Sanj.
You're supposed to Search for a question before you start a new thread about it, and you'd have found this one has been asked and answered many times.
The official way of connecting wirelessly for Anytime+ is with Sky's own device, that they ought to have offered you, but many people use home plugs like the one you link to.
HTH - Logi


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It also helps if you post in the correct forum for HD boxes rather than the one clearly labelled for Sky and Sky+ if you can't be bothered to search.


The forum to which I've now moved the thread.


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Guys thanks for your help. However, please try not to be so rude in the future! I am not technically minded like you guys and ok might be a bit stupid when it comes to these things but I use the forum to educate myself with your knowledge.

I did try and erach first but couldn't find a relative post. So maybe I wasn't putting in the correct search words I don't know.

I did go to the SKY HD section first but didn't know whether it should be in their or in relation to Sky Anytime +. This section is the only one which related to SKy+ so I posted in here.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be difficult and you guys are correct in saying search a little harder first and actually the post should be in different section but there are ways of saying this whcih are polite. Remember you don't own this forum but you do clearly help and provide great knowledge so rant over and once again many thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated despite my above comments.

Many thanks Sanj


There's nothing rude or anything less than polite in my or dm2's posts.
It's my job to apply the forum rules of which this is one:
"This one is important! If you have a question you wish to ask in the forums, please first check whether your question has already been answered. You can use the Search facility to do this."

Anytime+ is something different from Anytime - it's a misleading use by Sky of the words.
It's available only on HD receivers.

I gave only the basic information in reply to your enquiry, so your thanks for that are much appreciated, but do ask if any further questions come up because, as you say, we are here to share our knowledge and experience.



No problem, and now I can say - the Search function here isn't exactly the most efficient part of the forum, or of the Internet in general. ;)

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