Problems choosing a wall outlet to connect my subwoofer


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Hi, I have a problem choosing the right speaker outlet for my subwoofer. I am planning on getting Jamo Sub 300

this is the subwoofer cable that I have:

And these are the wall plates that I can choose:

- I had bought this one but returned it because my technician told me that the cable is shielded and the outlet is not and also that you need 4 connectors to connect a subwoofer... so I should get one of those:

- but you need TWO speaker cables to connect it and I only have one cable running in the wall.

What should I do? How do I connect the subwoofer? Will one of those outlets be fine, or shoud I buy an adapter of some kind etc.? Thanks for the help!


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Does your 5.1 amp have a built in amp for the sub-woofer (passive subwoofer) with big speaker terminals on the amp, or does the sub have its own amp (active subwoofer), with normal phono socket sub output on the amp?

The latter is more common, and the cable from the main amp to the sub is a low level, screened signal cable - a single one is all that is needed. To connect that, you do NOT use speaker terminal connections, you need low-level screened connections, typically phono plugs/sockets, at both ends.

The instruciton manual for your amp should explain this in detail.


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Typical 5.1 AV amp.
5 unscreened speaker cables go from the amp to the individual speakers.
A screened cable (single core or just one of a pair) go from the AV amp out to the sub.
Ignore all other connections on the the sub you mention. All you do is connect to the left OR right input. In your case it states Left/LFE input.


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Thanks for the replies. I have Gira outlets in my house, European standard. I guess all there's left to do is ask Gira if they manufacture screened outlet plates... If not, I have a problem :(

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