Problems caused by my stupidity


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I let my guard down last night and in my stupidty :suicide: I allowed my laptop to become infected with viruses :suicide:

Having done numerous scans with virus and spyware software. I've managed to get rid of most of the stuff

I have two problems

When i load up Windows XP i get a RUNDLL message saying

Error loading w0d19565.dll The specific module could not be found.

It then says click on ok. Windows seems stable but how do I go about fixing this. Are there any free registry fixing programs?

Secondly when in IE every couple of minute its automatically opens up new windows directing me to other websites. I still have a virus but can't seem to eradicate this.

tried Spybot but you have to pay for this now. Currently using AVG's free 30 spyware program Ewido

Any help much appreciated


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Kebabhead said:
Are there any free registry fixing programs?
RegSeeker is worth a try:
tried Spybot but you have to pay for this now.
No you don't. Where did you get that idea from? :confused:

You can download Spybot legally for free legally from here:

Also, give Ad-Aware SE (the legal free version) a try:

And help to block all the rubbish from ever getting onto the computer, using SpywareBlaster:

It sounds to me as though the problems you are having with IE are the result of spyware rather than a virus. Do you also keep Windows up-to-date as well?


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After you are cleaned up...
Get off IE - try Firefox and or Opera.

whatever browser you use
disable java
disable Activex
Disable .swf
only allow cookes from originating site
disable auto download/installing of plug-ins - or anything else !

there is more you can do with settings without getting into techno land...

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If you're using IE for now, you may as well run the trend online scanner, it usually does a very good job of picking up adware/syware such as the ones you're suffering with.

Get rid of IE though.... using it's a big :thumbsdow


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Many thanks for your response guys :thumbsup:

My hard drive taken a bashing with the amount of scans i've done

I've managed to erradicate all the viruses and went on the MS website and downloaded their protection program which detected and removed all viruses, it also fixed the RunDLL problem with windows so thankfully thats gone now

I'll be changing the Firefox from now on :smashin:


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You still should get the settinng ssorted out for safer surfing.

And get adblock and the filterset updater at a minimum.

get back to us if you want pointers on it (as opposed to chile sauce :) )

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