Problems buying Passive rather than active


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I am giving my sister my old Marantz SR4200 amp, however she is virtually penniless and would only have a budget of fifty pounds, she has sugested getting a set from ebay i.e sold seperately from a sony, panasonic, jvc all in one system, however i believe the subwoofers are usualy all passive, does anyone know if this would make it totaly incompatible


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the subs and speakers in an all in one set are normally designed to only work with the set, nothing else......putting them on a dedicated AV amp can potentially damage them.....

i think the subs tend to have their own amplification mostly nowadays, but possibly nonstandard connections....

best bet with only £50ish is to look for a pair of floorstanders here or on ebay that are of a known make so you know they should sound reasonable, they will provide stereo and some decent bass (look for Mission and Wharfedales as a good choice, possibly Gale too)...then in time she can add a centre and rears when funds allow.....then eventually a subwoofer too...

or if she wants smaller speakers, then a pair of compact standmounts now for around £20 second hand or £50 new from Richer Sounds, then grab a second hand sub for £80 at some point.....spend less than that and it isnt really a

altho i believe there is a Yamaha 5.1 pack people mention that may suffice, cant remember the model number now tho, however brand new i think its still around £90 possibly...


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Thanks for the advice Knyght_byte It has confirmed my concerns regarding the issue with the sub. I went from full size to an infinity oreus after extreme olympic nagging from my girlfriend and I belive she would probably prefer nice looking sats aswell , I might have to match her budget as a moving present and go for the Yamaha.
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