Problems after removing HDD from a Philips DVDR 5570H


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My HDD filled up and I was attempting to get a hard disk enclosure where I could put in the disk and hopefully copy off the data.

That enclosure wasn't available until Thursday so I have reattached the HDD but the unit "DVDR 5570H" is constantly rebooting itself after this with the status staying as "starting". The Philips screen is coming up but it goes no further. If this comes up can I say it is at least reading the HDD? The Philips screen appears about every 20 seconds so it appears that it is trying to boot up but is failing.

I've tried a reset but it makes no difference.

I think firmware version was 3.07 before I removed the HDD.

My next step will be to leave the unit off for an hour and see if anything changes.

I suppose when I get this enclosure during the week it will at least indicate if there is an issue with the HDD but just wondering if people have any other ideas.

While I'm here I'll ask has anyone got EPG working with terrestial Irish television with just the basic 4 channels?

I see this is a very old thread so I'll also post this new in case this thread is dead and buried.

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