Problems after doing software update on SONY KD-55AF8 TV 19 June 2021


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I have the above type of TV. It is a combination of a good TV and some appalling software.

I have just updated it to the latest software, as it requested. After turning it off and then on and waiting about 1/2 an hour (not the 1/4 the TV said it would take) for the update process to complete (which it did not announce to me) I finally provoked it into life by another power off and then on.

After a bit of terrestrial channel viewing I then pressed the home key on the controller to take me to internet channels whereupon I was asked to log into my Google account if I was to proceed. This was not possible because various characters in my password can't be generated from the remote (how can a user interface be so bad in this day and age, SONY only has to throw up an on-screen keyboard), so I opted for Google to email me with a reset code (6 digits). I got the code, entered it, but could then NOT move the cursor out of the box where the code has to be typed. Each time I tabbed to move the cursor on, the numerical value of the code incremented by 1 ! The cursor was stuck there. I did a "Back" on the controller and did it 3 times before giving up. Thus SONY have sent out updated software that has serious bugs. I attach a photo of the screen.

I then turned the TV off and on again, went to the internet choces screen and found I could enter iPlayer and my password was remembered. Why could the TV not remember my Google password? I get the feeling that the internal testing of SONY's user interfaces is done by a load of techies that use passwords like 111111 so they can get past password entry easily and lok at more interesting things, and in the process such basic things never get properly looked at.

Has anyone found this problem? Is there some magic way to get round the bugs I have found? I should add that in the past I looked at using my phone to control the TV, but when the app told me it needed access to my contacts etc. I went no further down that road. Surely it should be possible to get the full functionality of a TV by using the supplied controller?


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