Problems adjusting picture settings on TV??

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    I know I posted this in the thread about Samsung DVD R 125 but I guess it would catch som more attention here.

    I have a little question: My setup right now is: Samsung Digital box --> R125 with scart -->TV with scart.
    I have set the TV to recieve RGB and the R125 too, but when I try to adjust the picture settings on the TV (contrast, color, brightness) the picture hardly reacts. The difference from full color to no color is almost none. BUT when I select Comonent from the R125 the slightest adjust of color or brightness will result in a different picture. The PQ is of course much worse when set to Component. Why is this?? I cant increase the color in RGB mode but i Component for example...But I dont know if there is a problem with the RGB input because when set to component the edges on the EPG (from the box) are all blurry and unsharp with chainsaw effect. Its weird...

    To sum it up: The TV hardly reacts to any changes of the picture settings (brightness, color etc.) when the DVD is in RGB mode but does when its in component mode..WHY?

    Hope you guys understand my Swenglish
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    There isn't necessarily any fault with your TV, as the RGB facility on a great deal of TV's is really a, dare I say it "gimmicky" add on, and as such the provision to control three individual signals at the same time is very limited, as their circuitry is priority based on the very controllable composite inputs, whereby altering a "single" circuit's drive will simultaneously control the CRT's (or whatever's) three input drivers. (the RGB)

    The latest range of TV's "may" have a slightly better range of control whilst on RGB, as their circuitry is based slightly more along the lines of a monitors, but even they still never have the same extent of control available when using their composite video inputs.

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