Problematic PS5 Issue Regarding Internal Console Storage and Lack of Storage Space

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I tried to turn on my PS5 yesterday to check if the new firmware update had installed but on pressing the PS button on my controller nothing happened. Puzzled, and thinking that the firmware had somehow corrupted and damaged the PS5, I went over to press the Power button and the console eventually came on but there was no picture on the TV screen (I had to turn the TV on manually and select the HDMI channel which the PS5 normally does automatically). Also, the console itself was stuck flashing the blue lights. I tried holding down the Power button for the second beep and the console eventually turned off, although it took a long time. I also unplugged the external SSD as well.

After tea (or dinner to those of you not living in the UK!), I tried again to start the PS5 via the controller. This time it actually turned on the PS5 and the TV also came on but there was still no picture despite being on the correct HDMI channel. So I turned off the PS5 again and then did the Safe boot trick by holding down the Power button until I heard the second beep then letting go. My PS5 thankfully prompted me to plug in the controller via a USB cable and I was able to access the Safe boot options where I selected the option to Update the Firmware via the internet. It found the update and installed then after the last restart and the usual repair routine it does I finally got to the Home screen.

Once there, I went to Settings > Storage and was shocked to see the Console Storage showing 0 bytes free!!! A notification also popped up on-screen saying that an update needed 1 GB of space. Clearly, the PS5 had tried to install a game update or possibly the firmware update (since that is 914 MB or almost 1 GB) and failed due to lack of internal storage space. This lack of space also caused by PS5 to stall during the initial boot where I only saw the PS logo then a black screen and flashing blue lights on the console.

Previously, I had around 30 GB of free space on the internal Console Storage and installed PS5 games to the internal 2 TB expansion SSD but, for whatever reason, that disappeared and was now part of the 61 GB '"Other" partition (what on earth is this???) and led to issues with the PS5 booting up. I had to move yet another game, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart at 33 GB, so free up the same amount of space I had before. Why the PS5 seems to eat up storage space on the internal drive, I do not know, but it is a really serious issue in my opinion. I actually thought my PS5 was broken. Sony really need to fix this but I would personally recommend that you leave at least 50 GB free on the Console Storage to avoid this issue happening to you.

P.S. I have auto video recording disabled and the only other stuff on the internal Console Storage were in-game screenshots of 6.65 GB and no additional games had been installed or updated on this drive.

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