Problematic playback of Marantz dv4500



I have decided to become a serious Marantz fan, I was impressed with the sound, with the beautiful scratched aluminium front panel, massive metal volume and input knobs on the sr4500, ability of dv4500 to play various discs so when I compared all similar components made by Onkyo, Denon and Yamaha I decided to go for Marantz. But sadly, I was disappointed after two months of using. The player became very very annoying. First it refused to play some mp3 files, I read they prefer to be constant bitrate rather than a variable but one user wrote a short review on the web it was capable to play both bitrates. Okay, but later I noticed it began to skip cds during playback - even the original ones which I had played 10-20 times before on my previous Aiwa NSX-330 (no damage, not even a slightest bit of a scratch, I scarcely lend cds to others), some cds were new, never played before. So I checked them also in my computer (NEC dvd-rom, 4 years old, no problem at all) and my discman (iRiver iMP-350) - they both showed no problems during playback (mp3s, cds, backups) - I simply command to play and they perform well. So I went back to my Marantz dealer and reclaimed the player - after a month I got a message from him that my player was replaced for a new one. A week ago I went to pick it up and opened the brand new box. But , this player is unable to even load any cd, if so, after 20 seconds of playback there is a skip, you can hear that unsure re-clicking sound of its laser head and you can bet it is going to skip within 10 seconds. The first dv4500 was able to play cds and dvds and most of mp3s for about 4 months - this brand new one did not play a week in a whole :-( Very sad about that. I expected non-problematic playback of majority of my cds because I take a good care of them. The dealer is also unpleasantly surprised as he never had any claim against Marantz he said. I cannot imagine having trouble with players under 100GBP if this nearly 200GBP, beautifully made, metal case, Marantz hi-fidelity sound dvd player causes so much trouble with the reproduction. So, the basic question is: is your player able to read, load cds and play them back without skipping? Cos' for the moment, this is my crucial problem

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