Problematic HDMI inputs with HT-R538?


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I recently received the HT-5305B Home Theater in a box for my birthday, and I'm very much happy with the quality of sound I get from it. I have it connected to a Sony DVR, a PS3, an XBOX 360 and my PC. I use optical for the XBOX 360 and coaxial for the PS3, but I use HDMI for both the other devices. Naturally I have HDMI out to my monitor, as well.

I'm using a computer monitor to view all my HD content, since it happens to be the largest, nicest HD screen I have right now. Undoubtedly that will change at some point, but it serves the purpose for now.

The problem I'm having is that sometimes when I switch to an HDMI input source, the amplifier won't output it. On a couple of occasions I've had sound with no picture, but more commonly I just get nothing. If I connect my HDMI leads directly to the monitor and then hook up the receiver with an optical cable, that works... but I'd far rather use what I see as being the better solution.

Apart from anything else, I can't bitstream DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD from the PS3 over optical, as far as I understand it.

Is this a setting that I blindly changed in the receiver or in the source equipment, or do I need to return my receiver to Amazon? What is my next course of action?
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I'm still sporadically getting this problem. I can only describe it as sporadic since my main input is connected via optical which is not problematic. If that were otherwise, perhaps it would be constant. Here is a blow-by-blow description of the issue.

1) I switch on my DVR or my PS3
2) I switch on the receiver and set it for the appropriate input.
- Sometimes I reverse this order, to see if matters are improved.

3a) If I'm lucky I get sound and picture. End.

3b) At least half the time I get one or the other, but not both.

- To get a bit more detailed

3c) The HDMI light on the receiver flashes rapidly. It apparently recognises an HDMI signal is there, which I suppose is good.

4) Various PLII 'listening modes' pop up at random. Only one per attempt, but unpredictable.

5) My display indicates an incoming signal. Unfortunately it is a plain blue screen.

6) The receiver appears to give up and blanks the HDMI light, replacing the 'listening mode' with 'No Signal'.

It's a pain in the rear end, ladies and gents. I've tried swapping between the three (new) HDMI leads I purchased for this setup. Is it really possible or credible that they might all be faulty? Bad batch?

I dunno. Hope you do.


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I apologise in advance for making three posts consecutively, but I'm still hoping that someone can help. This seems now to potentially be an EDID handshake issue, or something along those lines. When I unplug the HDMI out to my monitor, the Onkyo has no problem getting a signal from the PS3. If I leave it plugged in, then there's 'No Signal' on the receiver display.

Any solution? I'm planning to buy a new TV soon in the hope that it will fix this problem.


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Have you tried different HDMI cables at all?
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