Problem2; RGB picture is worse on 747?


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Hope I get your help, I will probably keep coming up with problems.
This is probably the worst, the picture. If I put the dvd on rgb lines appear on the top of the screen, so I have to put it on video, which makes the picture darker and more pixelated.
I have got a s-video connection on my tv but only on the front, so there will be a lead out all the time and look a mess plus I bought this dvd from the reviews giving it 10/10 for picture quality, so at the moment I am gutted with the picture being bad. If any 747 owners are there please give me you advice.
Have I bought the wrong one?,
I have just had the pioneer ax10 amp as well so I will be on the amp part as well.
Nothing going right at the moment.

Edited to remove phone number, better to give it out by PM rather than publicly.

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