Problem With YAMAHA A-S2000 Amplifier


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Dear Friends
here is my problem and details that I send to Yamaha support website, and it was not solved yet, please help me what should I do?

we bought amplifier A-S2000 with cd player A-S1000 and bluray player BD-S671, tv samsung F8880, we connect satellite receiver and bluray player to tv and connect tv to one of the lines of amplifier. We use a pair of canton chrono 508.2 Dc as speakers. Upon we turn on the system, after less than 30min, it goes to some manner that the amplifier shut down and the light up of the on/off switch blinks. We connect bluray and satellite receiver directly to the lines of amplifier, amplifier after less than 30min shuts down. We disconnect the Tv and satellite receiver and bluray player, but this state occurs again. What is the reason? Please help me It is confusing. Regards Emad
Dear Yamaha Customer , Thank you for contacting us . If the unit goes-off after 30 minutes most probably this is due to the activation of temperature protection . We suggest you to provide enough ventilation to the AV amplifier and also kindly make sure that there is no equipment stacked on top of the AV amplifier . If the problem persist even after taking care of above, kindly contact us again and it will be necessary to inspect the unit in the service center . Thank you and best regards,
thanks for your responding
first of all i should tell you, when we turn on this system in other homes or in the shop that i bought from, it works good without any reason.
the electrical technician that i get to my home tells me everything with your home electrical system (cables, switches and etc) are normal.
now, i put the amplifier on the stable desk and turn it on (without tv and satellite receiver and bluray player) just with cd player and speakers, and put the cd player under the amplifier (for better heat circulation) but the previous manner occurs, the amplifier goes shut down.
what should i do?
Dear Yamaha Customer , Thank you for the additional information . Please advice if you are using the same or different set of speakers,cables when you tested the unit in other environment ( in shop and other house) ? . Suggestion 1:- Kindly check the running time of AS2000 by following methods . *Connect first speaker only . *Connect second speaker only . *Connect both speakers . Suggestion 2:- We assume that the AS2000 which you own is having three pin power cable . If you are using a convertor plug to connect to your AC outlet , please make sure that you choose convertor with proper grounding . Your information's will be very helpful for finding the fault
Dear Yamaha
first suggestion:
run time for 1 speaker:30min
run time for both speaker: 12min
with medium volume, with higher volume it becomes less.
second suggestion:
As i said, i use three pin cable, and pictures are attached.
and the words on the cable are "Cebe iemmequ sabf1574 caohing cgtfa-2 n14586 H05vv-f2*0.75mm2 <vde> kema-keur+S+S+S volex 10A 250V IHG vack17F"
Does it require that the other equipment be used?

but now, I have this problem yet, please help me


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First, you have the Yamaha A-S2000 Stereo Integrated Amp and I assume you have the Yamaha CD-S1000 CD Player. It is important to be clear and concise in your communication.

Next, we assume you have a SINGLE PAIR of Canton Chrono 508.2 DC speakers ... a single pair ... right?

Though I understand your frustration as this is relatively expensive audio equipment. It seems that Yamaha is going their best to help you track down the problem. They are not there. They are not in the room. They can't inspect the equipment. I suspect if they were, they could narrow down the problem quickly. As it stands, they can only make one suggestion at a time and wait for your response.

I would not expect the 4-ohm rated Yamaha amp to have any problem with virtually any common speaker out there. So, assuming there isn't a wiring problem with the Canton speakers, I don't see the speakers as the problem.

The specs on the Chrono 508.2 do not indicate a problem -

Chrono 508.2 DC - Chrono Series - CANTON German loudspeaker tradition (en)

True, the impedance is rated at 4...8 ohms but that should not be a problem for the Yamaha amp. Typically the lowest impedance is at just one specific frequency.

But is there a problem with the wire or wiring?

Can we assume this long string represents the Speaker Wire?

"Cebe iemmequ sabf1574 caohing cgtfa-2 n14586 H05vv-f2*0.75mm2 <vde> kema-keur+S+S+S volex 10A 250V IHG vack17F"

How long is each wire. 0.75mm² is relatively thin wire. Most would not use anything less than perhaps 16ga (1.31mm²) or 1.5mm². However, most would use 2.5mm² wire of OFC (oxygen free copper).

You want the resistance of the wire to be less than 2% of the speakers rated impedance. B&W speakers say the wire impedance should not exceed 0.1 ohms. If we know the length of the wire, we can roughly determine the impedance of it.

Again, the common speaker wires are in the range of 1.5mm² to 2.5mm².

Next, are you absolutely sure beyond any shadow of a doubt that there are no stray or loose strands of wire with at your speakers or at your amp? In some case a single stray strand of wire that is not making contact, can move as it heats up, and suddenly make contact causing the amp to shut down.

Are your speaker wires terminated in any way? That is, do they have Banana Plugs or Spade Terminals on the ends?

Next Ventilation and Cooling. I don't see a problem from your description, but then all I have is your description. I have a 100w/ch Yamaha Stereo Receiver, and it stands up pretty well. Originally I had it in a somewhat confined space. Under that circumstances I placed a couple of small 12 volt 60mmX60mm computer fans to vent and cool the cabinet. Now the amp is in a more open space with 4 inches of clearance above it.

Try putting any type of fan blowing into the amp or drawing air out of the amp cabinet, and see if that extends the time the amp will run before shutting down. If that extends the time, then it more or less confirms that it is a cooling problem.

Next, what exactly happens? Does the amps simply shut off in an instant? Does it make a sound? Does the sound change just before it shuts off? Does it sound fuzzy or distorted?

How does the amp feel when it shuts down? Does it feel hot? Is there one location that feels excessively hot?

Next, many Yamaha Amp have an impedance switch on the back. For lower impedance speakers you switch it to 4 ohms. For standard 6 ohm and 8 ohms speakers, you switch it to 8 ohms. Try setting this switch to the 4 ohm position. Again, if that solves or improves the problem, that is an indication that overheating is the problem.

Again, I'm not there, I can't have eyes on the situation, but I don't see an external problem.

It seems reasonably ventilated. With in the limits of my ability to know.

I don't see the speakers as a problem. Perhaps for some amps, but I don't see it as a problem for a Yamaha amp.

The speaker wire, if I understand your wire size correctly, is a bit small. A quick check indicates it is about 0.2 ohms for 10 feet of wire (3meter). That is pretty high, but not likely the cause of your problem.

Your volume levels at about 12 o'clock is pretty high, but should not be beyond the capability of the Yamaha amp.

Check the impedance switch, try it set to 4 ohms.

Place a fan blow on the top of the amp or have a smaller fan drawing air out of the top of the amp, see if that solves or improves the problem.

Is there a change a friend could bring some speakers over, or that you could bring your amp to a friends house to see if you have the same problem?

Let us know what happens.



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Remove your strange power cables and put a simple electrical cable of 1 - 2 mmq section,
2 or 3 meters long; remove all your electronics but one source
( try only CD first, than radio, phono, tv, ecc) -


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thanks alot my friends,

@BlueWizard: 1-the words that i write are for power cable that has three pin and connect the amplifier to the AC outlet with 1 meter length or less, not for speakers.
2-about end of the speaker wires, there is not any banana plug or Spade Terminals, because the you should connect the bare wirer of speaker to A-S2000 (did you ever see the behainde of the amp?)
3-the amp will turn to some manner like standby (the power light goes to blink), after 15-20min listing to music after start with volum on 9o'clock positionm withou any hot feeling or noise or sound of fuzzy or distorted.

@PIEP:eek:k i will try.

let me clear for you that we turn on this system in the store and other home with this cable, and we listen to music more than 1 hour without any problem.
i dont know why this is not working good at our home


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i attached the photos of the ampli'back


  • photo2.JPG
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  • photo.JPG
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here is image of wire of single pair of canton chrono 508.2 dc that i use


  • photo4.JPG
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Don Dadda

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Have you tried just powering up the amp with nothing connected apart from the power cable (No speakers, cdp, etc)?
If the amp is ok like this , then i would connect each component, 1 at a time (powering off before connecting) and see at which point the amp shuts down. This should help narrow down where the fault lies.

If it shutsdown with nothing attached then it a amp problem, however you did state that its fine elsewhere.
also is it connected directly to the main socket on the wall or via a extension lead?


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i connect the single amplifier to the power socket on the wall directly without anything and it turnes off after about 50min, if connect the speakers it gets lower time to turn off, if you increase the volume it gets lower than pre-both


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There have been some vague references to using the amp in a couple different locations, can you expand on that, as it is not quite clear?

Do I understand correctly that the normal place for this amp is in a shop of some type?

And, you have removed it from the shop to a different location and gotten different results?

Explain the Shop setup?
How long are the speaker wires?
Do you only have the one set of Canton speakers?
Is the amp placed near a heat source like a radiator or direct sunlight?
Is the amp placed in an enclosed cabinet at the shop?

If it works fine in one location but not the other, that is extremely suspicious.

Am I correct, you've had an electrician look at the wiring and the voltages at your shop and he confirmed that everything was OK?

If the amp is having a problem with NOTHING connected then that very strongly points to the amp having some internal problem. If the amp is less than 30 days old, likely the dealer will give you a one for one exchange. Alternately, you will have to send it in to Yamaha or a Yamaha authorized repair service to be looked at.

It is a shame this is happening as that is a very good quality amp, and should sound excellent.


Don Dadda

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I think the op means it works in the shop where they bought it from. But did have it on for at least 50mins?

With nothing attached (including all cables) and it still shutdown it heavily sounds like the amp and would take it back.


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guys, let me explain clearly:

i bought the ampli and the seller comes to my home connect the A-S2000 amp+A-S1000 CDplayer+single pair of canton chrono, and in put the voice of satellite recevire and BD-S671 bluray player to the samsung f8880, and give the sound out of the tv to the one of line of ampli.
after that the ampli goes turn off after some min.

we think that the ampli has some fault, they come and get the ampli, and bring the new one, again ampli gets off (yamaha service told the previous ampli was OK, has not problem)

we bring the hole system (new ampli and others) to the shop of yamaha, it works ok,
i bring the ampli without anything (CD or speakers anything) to my mother home, the amp many hours was turn on withou problem.

but in my home the ampli itself just work for 50min, without connection of cd player or speaker or anything

Do I understand correctly that the normal place for this amp is in a shop of some type? yes is shop or other home.
And, you have removed it from the shop to a different location and gotten different results?no just in my home hs problem
Explain the Shop setup?shop stup was as my home exactly
How long are the speaker wires?less than 1 meter
Do you only have the one set of Canton speakers?no i tried ELAC but the result was same, same time almost
Is the amp placed near a heat source like a radiator or direct sunlight?no
Is the amp placed in an enclosed cabinet at the shop?no, amp is located on the single table as you seen on attached photo


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Am I correct, you've had an electrician look at the wiring and the voltages at your shop and he confirmed that everything was OK?
shop is for yamaha, the seller take the electrician to my home and he confirm that everythin about my home's electricity is normal


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Very strange...
  • did you tried to link your amp to another socket on the wall at your home?
  • Have you tested at your home another amp ( of a friend, etc)?
  • And further: in my Marantz there is a sort of Auto standby mode:
With the Auto standby mode ON, this unit will automatically enter the
Auto standby mode after about 30 continuous minutes of no output
from the speakers or headphones.

Press and hold <SOURCE DIRECT> for at least 5 seconds.
Auto standby mode is switched between On and Off.
Auto standby mode “Off”
Power indicator
Flashes once
Auto standby mode “On”
Power indicator
Flashes three times
Perform the operation using the buttons on the unit. You cannot
perform the operation using [SOURCE DIRECT] on the remote control.
• The default setting for the Auto standby mode is OFF.
• This unit will automatically enter Auto standby mode after about
continuous 30 minutes in the following conditions.
• No output from the selected input source.
• No operation performed on the remote control.
• No operation of <SPEAKERS A/B>, <LOUDNESS>, <SOURCE
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  • did you tried to link your amp to another socket on the wall at your home?yes
  • Have you tested at your home another amp ( of a friend, etc)? no, just use another A-S2000 and same reason turns on
  • And further: in my Marantz there is a sort of Auto standby mode: the yamaha has not such things

Don Dadda

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I'm at a lost then. If it works everywhere else except your home, then the issue sort of lies within your home. Whether that be an environment issue, positioning, ventilation i cant say but there's something about your home it doesn't like.

Does it work in any other room?


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Then, maybe there are some sudden change in el. tension in your domestic elettric circuit;
if you are living in UK, I think you need a costant 240 V ac, here in Italy we have only 230V...


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And so, the last thing to do is put another amp at home,
taking the place of Yam...


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yes changing the amp is the last solution, now what amp from vincent can be a rival for yamaha A-S2000?in the same budget range


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I didn't mean that you must change right now your Yam,
but only that you can test if another amp
has these same stop-problem ...

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