Problem with xbox 360 elite sound via hdmi


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Hello there,

Yesterday i purchased a pdp434hde plasma with side fitting speakers. I currently have a technics amp, connected to some B&W DM601's. These are connected via the pioneer media box which is a PDPR04E. I also have my non hd sky connected.
Whilst watching sky, I can hear audio through both my side fitting speakers on the screen, and also through the b&w's if i choose. However, when I fire my xbox up, I can only receive sound through the plasma speakers. If i max the amp, I can hear a very faint signal coming through.

I have checked everything that I can think of, but being a relatively new owner, is there something I am missing? Is my xbox elite actually compatable with the media box? Or have I just got a duff xbox/hdmi cable?

Any help would be apprecaited.

Thanks in advance.



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Don't worry, alitte bit of searching told me that this is a known problem. I have since connected my hdmi av cable and bypassed the media reciever to the amp. All is well. Is there any way that you guys would know of that i could plumb it into the media box? Or should I just keep it as it is?


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