Problem with wiring Scart RGB to TV "URGENT plz"


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hopfully someone here can help me.

I want to wiring scart RGB out from my startsat X95 sattelite receiver TO Samsung RGB in TV on my own.

I have searched and find the diagram of SCART and also know i know that i should wiring pins 5,7,9,11,13,and 15 are the colours and earth, i also get one scart connector and get these pins out and connect it to TV, but nothing display on screen.

Note : RGB port of TV tested and work with other RGB our devices.
I just want the RGB, not Audio
My TV have not scart port that i can use scart to scart

Output connector
1 Audio right out
3 Audio left (or mono) out
4 Audio return
7 Blue out
5 Blue return
11 Green out
9 Green return
15 Red out
13 Red return
16 RGB status out
14 RGB status return
19 Sync (composite video) out
17 Sync return
21 Shield

Please help me in this way :lease:
Alireza :thumbsup:


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The RGB input on your TV is not an RGB input, it's a component video input.

Unless you can set your satellite receiver to output component video via its SCART socket, you will not be able to do what you are trying to do without buying a converter.

This or this or this


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Many thanks for yur so early and kind reply Steve ,

First i try to do what you suggest ( buy a convertor ) but unfortunately casue i live in Iran, none of shops have this convertor, they just have a scart to AV connector but i want to enjoy the high quality outputs.

Is there any other way? any PCB need to design? I have all needed tools to make it, is there any diagram? PCB design ? anything that can do it for me ? i can make it

thanks again in advanced


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Do you definitely need component video? Can you live with composite?

If so, you only need one cable from the SCART plug.

Pin 17 = Ground
Pin 19 = CVBS Out
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Hi Alireza :hiya:

if you need someone on your behalf to order one of the convertors for you and post to Iran I would be willing to do this for you as long as you paid me up front first including the delivery.

This deal would only be done if I`m not breaking forum rules and all communications between us would be kept on this thread for all to see.

Having said that I would advise you to try to source a convertor locally or means to make your own first as I`m certain that will be the cheaper option for you.

Good luck Al :smashin:


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many thanks for your attention

my satelite receiver have composite out ( A\V ) but you know quality is not as clear of component

this is why i try to use component


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What a nice fast forum with kind guyz :)

thank you all for pay attention to my posts.

I rather to use component ( RGB ) instead of component becasue my receiver have composit our now and im using it from before till now, but for improving the quality , i want to use component. ( regards to stevelup suggestion )

and regards to my friend, albriscoe, i should say it is very hard for us ( iranian people ) to transfer money to overseas countries nowadays becasue USA banned our economic, so any money will transferred, will be blocked.

I really dont know why should i solve this problem but i think i have 3 ways :

1- guyz help me to find a diagram for making a pcb for this convertor and i will make it on my own
2- one of friends ( such albriscoe ) let me know the price of a high quality convertor ( scart to RGB or HDMI ) + freight to send it for me. Then he prepar it for my by his own money, i also will arrange what he want and it is available in Iran, ( equal to cost of convertor ) and send it to his address :)
3- and last way, i TRY to forget it and see low quality of composit ... hehe ...

anyway, thanks again all

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