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I'm not sure if this problem is more Wii-related or Home Theater-related...could be both, haha. Anyway, I posted this in three forums with no answers yet, but since this forum actually contains threads describing similar issues, I found this would be an ideal place. I'll just paste the general question and description below:


I recently picked up my Nintendo Wii again to replay some old games. Shortly after, I came across an issue that, upon extensively searching the web, appears to be fairly common, albeit lacking unanimous solutions. Many individuals who experience the problem do so under different conditions, so I am going to be as detailed as possible. Please read everything before answering.

I turned on the Wii and immediately went into the settings to fix the internal clock, as it always seems to be slightly off. During this process, the screen went black for about two seconds and then returned. The audio remained stable, however.

I then played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for just over an hour, and this same issue occurred approximately every fifteen minutes, and it was seemingly random. I doubt the game I played holds much importance, since the issue occurred at the Wii menu as well, but one or two threads in random forums had mention of worsened symptoms during Zelda.

Now, for some Wii is connected via the official Nintendo component cable. Relevant Wii settings: it's set to 16:9, 480p (the only options are 480i and 480p). Note that many have claimed the issue does not occur when the setting is switched to 480i, and of course, when hooked up to composite instead of component (in which case you're forced to use 480i).

Obviously, I'm trying to keep the resolution at 480p and solve the problem, since it looks noticeably better. The issue could be due to a number of things. I came here in the hopes of finding an educated answer, hopefully by someone who experienced and solved a similar problem. I've seen the following one-line answers on random forums:
"It's your component cable."
"It's the TV."
"It's the Wii hardware. Send it in."
"It's the A/C adapter." / "You're not getting enough power to the Wii."
"It's the selector switch you're using."
"It's your A/V receiver."
While those are all certainly possibilities, none of the answers were further explained, and, quite frankly, it's a bit discouraging to see that the collection of answers given comprises the entire pool of possibiilities, haha.

Now I will explain my setup. The Wii is connected to an official Nintendo component cable, which is going to a 4-port selector switch from Monoprice. Another component cable is going from the output of the switch to the input of an A/V receiver (a Yamaha RX-A1020). Finally, an HDMI cable is going from the A/V receiver to my HDTV (Sony KDL-50R550A).

I can tell you what I know. It's not the monoprice switch, or at least it's highly doubtful. I've had a faulty switch (a Psyclone that was notorious for having issues) that basically lost signal whenever the screen produced high white levels. This issue affected EVERY system connected to the switch. The new box, however, works perfectly with every system BUT the Wii.

It could be the cable, but I don't believe this is the problem. Getting another cable is the most common solution I've seen, though. It works for some, not for others. Most people previously used third-party component cables and the official Nintendo cable remedied the situation. Others experienced the issue regardless of brand. Again, I have the official cable.

I suppose it *could* be the A/V receiver, but to clarify, it's only a few months old (the TV is BRAND NEW, only WEEKS old), and I BELIEVE I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the old TV, before I had to replace it. If this is true, then it rules out the A/V receiver.

The remainder are the strongest possibilities. Oh, I should add: the second most common answer given to people with my issue is that the TV has problems. In fact, there was an entire thread that consisted of people with the same issue who all had the same Sharp TVs.

My guess is that the problem might have something to do wieh either:

1) My new HDTV. It's a Sony, though, not a Sharp. Maybe it's trying to automatically detect Wii settings and failing? One thing I should mention is that, while my Wii is set to 16:9, 480P, my Sony TV says I'm in 4:3, STANDARD definition. Any ideas?

2) I suppose the fact that I have a component cable going to the receiver and an HDMI cable going to the TV would be a logical cause, since I'm forcing it to upscale, but wouldn't the other systems have the same issue? My 360 and PS3 work flawlessly. And this combination actually makes the picture less fuzzy. Besides, the one component slot on the TV is already being used, so hopefully that's not it. Thoughts?

I hope I narrowed it down enough for someone to help me come to a conclusion.

This became rather lengthy, so to summarize a bit:
- Every 15 minutes or so, the screen goes black for about two seconds, then returns
- The audio is always heard
- I'm using Nintendo's official component cable
- Wii's relevant settings are widescreen and 480p
- I use a component switch, but this has been verified as not being the problem
- Only occurs on the Wii; other connected systems are fine
Those are the basics. I'd put more, but I don't want to discourage readers against reading the full text, haha. Thanks in advance."

Edit: I understand that some small solutions might include regressing to 480i or setting my A/V Receiver to "through" (it's currently set to auto; the receiver has an upscaler). The curent settings are a significant improvement in picture, so I'm hoping to find other fixes before attacking my beautiful display. :)
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You say many people have suggested changing the setting, but didn't state if you tried it, also have you tried swapping back to component, solely to see if this resolves the issue, simply to rule out the cable being the issue

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