Problem with Western Digital External Hard Drive - URGENT HELP PLEASE


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Hey there people, got a problem (after a long time) with my WD External HD, its the
WDXB2500JBRNU model,


Basically after using it for so long practicaly each day since i had it, it started making clicking noise and turning of automatically before befing detected by the PC, then after a few of these used to turn on.

And now it just wont turn on at all, think its a problem with the PSU?? the adapter it intermitently flashing green and i thought it was supposed to be a solid green light
, and the same way the adapter it flashing is the same way the external HD light (ring around the button) is flashing

And ideal please people, need to get to the files on that drive, lol

Cheers, all and soz for the long long read


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Could be a dodgy power connector - Check both the mains lead into the box itself and (if you can) the molex connector inside to ensure everything is seated properly. Also check the cables for a break in it - It's all too easy to get intermittant faults courtesy of a hard-to-find nick or crease in the cable.

Your descriptions of the adapter would suggest it's a problem with power (assuming the adapter is external such as those on a laptop), though you ought to be careful as it turning off during write operations could result in data loss.

Have a look and keep us posted.


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Sounds like the hard drive is on it's last legs

The clicking you mention is also known a "death-rattle", basically the disk is worn out and on it's last legs (but I think you already suspect that)

Same thing has happened to me several times over the years, first time I used a program called disk commander to retrieve the data (though it took a solid week of the machine doing nothing else and had to restart the process several times when the hard drive conked out unexpectedly)

There's some useful advice and freeware data recovery tools on this page Hard Drive Data Recovery using Freeware Programs

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