Problem with Tubular bells DVD-A ?


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Hi Ive just bought Tubular bells on DVD-A and think im having a problem.
Acording to the cover it plays in Advanced res multi-channel surround, Advanced res Stereo, DD 5.1, DTS 5.1 and DD 2.0.
I can get all the above to play apart from the Avvanced res milti-channel.
When I try to play in this mode the DVD player shows it playing but the amp isnt recieving any signal, Advanced res Stereo works fine though.
Ive changed every option on the DVD player I can think of but still no joy.
Also when selecting between the Advanced res milti channel and stereo modes it says its playing in 48khz, I thought a DVD-A would have been higher than 48khz ?
My DVD player is a Pioneer 565A which is playing through a Sony strdb 1080 reciever, and is connected via the optical and coaxual connections (I can just switch between the two on the amp).
Has anyone got any ideas how i can get this disk to play in Advanced res multi channel ?




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Is the DVD connected to the amp with the 5 channel outputs?
For SACD and DVD/A high res you need the 5 channel outputs from DVD to amp unless you have a player and amp with firewire/i link/Denon link or similar. ( which the 565 and Sony receiver don't have).
So if you've only got the two channel stereo connected, or the optical or coaxial digital connected, it looks like it's time for more spaghetti!
The standard DVD/A DD and DTS mixes of course play through the normal digital connection as they do with movies.


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Ahhhh thanks for that :) I knew there was a simple explination, Ive got a set of 6 phonos I used to use with my old DVD/Amp set up, so like you said time for some more spaghetti :)



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Philly112's explaination is spot-on.
Tubular Bells sample rate is indeed 48khz (why they chose
to record it at the lower rate beats me), but it still sounds
excellent imo.


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It seems to be becoming the norm to have these lower sampling rates - Universal are the worst, and I recently manged to get the Valery Gergiev Tchailovsky Symphony No. 6 only to discover it was sampled at 44.1kHz! How advanced is that?
I agree though that 'Tubular Bell 2003' is fantastic, low sampling rate or not, although the panning takes a bit of getting used to. But it is clear as a b..., and when you have become immersed in the music, it is one of those times when you cannot go back to stereo. A landmark mix.



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Thanks for that guys.
Ive connected it all together and yes your right it realy does sound very very good.
Im still having one problem though, When I run a white noise sound test from the DVD player I get no sound from the sub woofer the other 5 channels are ok.
If I do the same test from the amp I do get sound from the Sub, also If I connect the Sub directly to the phono output on the DVD and run the white noise test then the sub makes a noise.
Any ideas why the LF channel isnt coming through the amp from the DVD Player.
As I mentioned in my fist post its a Pioneer 565a DVD player and Sony strdb 1080 reciever.


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