Problem with Trusty Sony HT-IS100 and HDMI TV OUT?


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Oct 23, 2021
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Galashiels, Scotland
I've had my Sony HT-IS100 for a while now, purely connected to my Beelink Android TV box, via optical link cable.

No issues with that at all.

The other week, I decided to get a Firestick 4K and popped that into the now 10 year old Panasonic Viera 50" plasma TV and all was well but somewhat lacking in the sound department.

I had a random thought, to see if I could somehow get the Firestick through the Sony HT-IS100, so I had a quick look at the connectors and chose to connect the Firestick through the DVD HDMI port and then used an HDMI cable from the TV OUT to the TV.

Turned on the system, selected TV (I think?) and up came the Firestick through the HT-IS100.

Selected a movie on Netflix and was impressed with the vastly improved sound quality.

Next thing the video feed stuttered and crackled then gave up!

I assumed it was a bad/loose cable, however, no matter what I tried to pass through the Sony HT-IS100, nothing would display on the TV. Only direct connection to the TV worked, as you would expect.

I reverted to the Beelink via optical cable and all is working as per normal but I'm getting no joy with troubleshooting the HDMI pass through. I even tried my Firestick Lite to see if it might be related to the 4K signal but no joy.

I know this is an older unit but it does a great job of providing sound via the optical link and I'm loath to replace it.

Unfortunately, there's no optical out on the Panasonic and none of the HDMI ports are labelled as "ARC", so that's not even an option.

I did notice that with, "CEC enabled", the Firestick can be operated using the Panasonic remote control.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong or is it more likely to be HDMI hardware failure?

I did perform a system reset tonight but no change.
Well as a work around, I've just used the RCA outputs from the TV to the Sony.

Still be nice to know why the HDMI isn't working though.
As a further update, I now have my unit working with 5.1 surround sound once more after purchasing an HDMI pass through device on AliExpress for around £10 delivered. The HDMI pass through adds SPDIF, so I can hook that up to the Sony HT-IS100.

This might help others extend the life of their units. ;)

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