Problem with Toshiba 330 system


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I'm looking for a little help. I recently acquired some lovely vintage Toshiba 330 Hi Fi components. I have the sc-330 amp and matching tuner and pre amp. Iv been using them every day. They look and sound amazing! I'm 25 but appreciate retro stuff. My modern Cambridge audio amp wasn't a patch on this stuff. I have the sytem driving some lovely old Wharfdale E30 speakers.

The whole system belonged to my girlfriends dad who passed away a few years ago so they have tremendous sentimental value to her. Us both in fact.

A few day's ago I was listening to some music when I went downstairs to get a drink. I came back and there was a an awful static sound - something akin the sound of a Vinyl record in between songs coming from the left speaker.

I have tried removing everything that was plugged into the line in's, fiddling with all the switches on the amp and pre amp, making sure all the speaker cables are attached properly and unplugging all other electrical devices int he room all to no avail.
Also I tried headphones and the static is evident in the same channel through these too.

Does this sound like the symptoms of any common faults on amps of this age?

Can anyone recommend any good repair guy's - especially in the NW.

Any help much appreciated.
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