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I've had a bit of a problem with one of my Tannoy 502 monitors; Basically, they have a 'voltage select' switch on the back which allows you to choose between 100-120 volts and 220-240 volts (two settings). The right speaker was making a strange buzzing noise so I thought I might have used the wrong voltage, and I foolishly changed the voltage from 220-240 to 100-120 while the speaker was still on. It appeared to turn itself off normally without a bang or anything, however now it won't turn back on. The problem is not that the speaker has blown, as the light that shows whether or not it's on doesn't illuminate. I want to know if this is fixable or not, and whether the speaker is broken or perhaps the kettle lead or extension cord is broken. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, electronics is not my specialty as you can probably tell.


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Have you checked the fuse in the mains plug on the kettle lead? If not there may be an internal fuse that needs checking.


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I've just tried it again using different kettle leads and different sockets and the speaker won't turn on, so its probably something internal. Is replacing a fuse easy?


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Simple enough indeed.

A small screw driver to gently pry off the cover beneath the power cable input.

If that didn’t do the job, it’s worth taking the amp panel off to see if there is another fuse or two internally placed.

Though this is likely to void any warranty you might have left.

However, so is switching it to the lower voltage setting so you’ve nothing to lose.

(500mA fuse | eBay)


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