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I've had the DX100 for about 18months and have been very happy with it. But over the past few weeks I've noticed that the screen will sometimes goes completely grey for a few seconds for no reason. This can happen whilst watching TV or as soon as the set is switched on.

We mainly watch in digital mode so I'm not sure if this happens in analogue mode. It looks like some sort of system reset. It appears to be more frequent now and I'm not sure what is causing it. There are no speakers or any other device near the set.

Has any else experienced this or know what the problem could be?




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It may be something to do with the digital tuner, we have a KD32DX40. It does the same thing from time to time, I put it down to a loss of signal. The picture then returns after varying amounts of time but usually longer than 5 seconds. Try skiping around chanels when it happens to see if the screen remains grey.

You want to check the signal strength every so often so that you can determine an average of what strenght you are recieving. You could also just check after the point at which you've had a grey out to see if the signal strength has dropped. Some times you will see at the top of the screen the caption "poor signal quality" come up.

If you suffer from picture break up or tiling quite often then this may also indicate a weak signal.

To check (It's probably the same on your set): Press: i+, setup (blue text button), then go on the menu to >detail setup >system information

You should then see your signal level indicator.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm sure it's nothing serious. From fairly new my set also has another anomaly: when turned on once in a while you will get sound but no picture. The standby light will flash from green to red 5 times, rest and then repeat. If I put the set to standby or turn off fully and then turn on again the set then fixes itself. (The flashing light is usually an error code on most Sonys for diagnostic purposes.) As I haven't really got to the bottom of this and it doesn't often happen I also put this down to low signal strength at switch on, just for peace of mind ;). Perhaps your set suffers with the same, ours too is about 18 months old now, great set though!

Hope this helps.

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