Problem with Sony 760 Digibox


Tony McG

when I channel hop my sony 760 digibox it jumps into the interactive menu, then I press the sky button and it returns to channel 998 after it has searched for listings.

Is this a fault or has anyone else seen this problem?


Ex Member
Sounds like a fault to me, digi boxes always go to channel 998 when they are rebooted .

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
It's worth trying to clear the fault by powering off at the mains for a few minutes to reset the box etc.
Often solves all manner of problems.

Chris Muriel.


Distinguished Member

My Sony box also does this if I keep changing channels fast.


I have the 760. Do any of you expierence problems on ITV2?

Sometimes it's perfect and others it's just unwatchable. Keeps breaking up.

Every other channel seems OK but the wife likes to watch Coronation Street later on in the evening. I know this is a big problem aswell but any ideas out there???:confused:

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