problem with Sky HD & Vivo HDMI switch


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Hi Guys

Just bought a 3 way HDMI switch from Vivo Technologies. It connects Sky HD and upscaling DVD to a Hitachi PJ-TX200 projector.

It switches the DVD player fine, but I get nothing from Sky. I've tried powering on & off both the switch and Sky, changing the inputs used (ie 1, 2 or 3), changed the cables, changed the output resolution from Sky.

Anybody got any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


Joe Fernand

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Hello ian.hawksey

Try a full 'system' reboot - everything to OFF not to Standby.

That said you are not the first to have problems with the that Switch.

SKY HD has a rather unique HDMI Output which can prove tricky via a Switch when its a projector on the end of the signal run.



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No joy. I have powered everything off completely - I can't think of anything else !!

I am in email contact with Vivo support, who are asking me the questions I have already tried. Maybe they will eventually say it is faulty or admit it doesn't work with SKy.



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You and me both, mine works fine until the Sky box is switched off then it doesn't work. I then have to mess around with it switching bits on and off until as if by magic it works again.

I did think it might have something to do with the fact that I power mine via the usb port on the Sky box.


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ive had exactly the same problem with this box, works with my pioneer dv 600 but nothing at all with sky HD, tried turning everything on and off but nothing, has anyone managed to get theirs working..? and if so any pointers??:lease:


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i have the vivo 5 in 1 switch..
i coulnt get sky to work through inputs 1,2,3 or 4 but it works fine on input 5.. weird

i wanted sky on input 1 but atleast it works....


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Hi wonder if anyone can help....I have just bought one of the formentioned Vivo HDMI splitters and cant get it to work with my sky. I bought the box after damaging one of my HDMI cables to my TV and with them being plastered in to the wall was in a pickle. I am running SKY HD and an Xbox360 the 360 works fine and the TV does ( if the 360 is powered up) the minute you turn the 360 off you lose your SKY HD. Can anyone help before everything gets hurled out of the window hugely appreciate it if anyone can :smashin:


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The window is the best option for this pile of junk. I never got mine to work reliably with my Sky HD and this week it has been consigned to the bin.


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Returned mine and got money back.
Bought a cheap and cheerful switch from PC World (about £30 from memory). Plugged it in and it works straight out of the box. No power supply :), but needs me to get my fat arse off the settee to change the source :rolleyes:.


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ViVo 5 input HDMI switch:
My Sky HD had its colours messed up by this box, everything had a crimson tint, also intermittently the audio would vanish.
Then I tried a a HUMAX HD freesat box, picture ok but the audio wasn't getting through at all.
My Blu-ray player however worked fine, sound & vision perfect, all very strange.
My TV is a Sony KDL46S2010, & it was obviously getting confused by the vivo output signal.
Instead of returning it I decided to try & grip the problem, I took the switch apart & investigated.
I read the spec/application sheet for the ICs used in the device, they use 2 x 3 i/p switch ICs, one feeding into the other to give 5 i/ps.
The clue to the problem was in the IC's spec. for the output signals, QUOTE:
'Both SDA and SCL must be connected to a positive supply voltage via a pull-up resistor.
These resistors should comply with the I2C specification that ranges from 2 kΩ to 19 kΩ'
A quick look on the scope suggested that the DC levels were wrong, so my Sony wasn't supplying the req. pull-up voltage.
These pull-up resistors were not fitted in the box, but at some point had been part of the design as the pads were on the board but unpopulated.
They're marked R11 & R13 on the UNDERSIDE of the PCB adjacent to the HDMI O/P socket.
Fitting these resistors (I used 2K2Ω as it's what I had available) cured both faults on my installation!
So it could be that as HDMI has progessed these components have become standard on a TV's HDMI in socket, but not on older sets.
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