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First post, but I have tried to solve this problem over the phone with my 80 year old mother and not totally solved it. She can handle Sky+ but the intricacies of retuning her TVs are beyond her. I am travelling some distance to see her this weekend and would like to be able to fully solve the problems.

Due initially to a power cut I believe, she stopped being able to get Sky coming through on preset channel 6 of the two TVs she has connected to her Sky+ box. She can still get Sky using the AV channel on one TV (connected by scart), but the other is connected to the RF output by a cable only and she can no longer view Sky on the preset channel it was previously tuned to. Running a scart to this TV is not a practical option.

The RF on the Sky box is currently set to 68, and her TV preset channel 6 (where she previously viewed Sky) is tuned to 36. What I believe has happened (and I am seeking advice here!) is that when her Sky was installed, the RF channel was set to something other than 68 and defaulted back to that when the power was cut off. If I reset that to something suitable (probably 47) and retune the second TV’s preset channel 6 to that, then I expect it to work.

But what about the main TV? Will tuning it to 47 also do the trick? Presumably it's the primary RF that it is conected to and it can't be changed can it? It appears that the primary RF was set to 36 but this does not appear to work any more.

Because of distance visits are infrequent and so I am keen to totally resolve the issue this weekend. Any advice would be welcomed!


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I would ask the question WHY are the TV's losing their tuning?

If I get a power cut, it comes back on and all is fine.

What I would suggest is she is switching off the SKY box, TV's are dead in the water around the house and she feels she needs to re-tune them, it is the sort of thing my old man used to do all the time. I would go visit and after a couple of days he admits something is wrong and no matter how many times I tell not to re-tune, off he goes again and does it.


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if this is a problem that is likely to occur again then the best thing is to tune all the other TV's into RF68. The digibox can and sometimes does reset back to the factory settings (which is 68). When you change the RF output then that is the freq. on both RF outputs.
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That's fine if UHF channel 68 is free but it often is used by an existing Freeview multiplex or even analogue.
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