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I have just bought a sharp 37" LCD37HV4E, there appears to be a problem with the screen. There appears to be a dark ellipse in the centre and a 'ripple' effect going out from this ellipse. I have taken a picture of the screen, it is at the end of this message.

I have already explained it to sharp, but they insist that is the angle I am viewing the screen at. This is not the case, as I am viewing it straight on. They have not seen the picture yet, I have just sent them another email and am awaiting a reply.

I have checked out two of these in shops and I cannot see any hint of the problem. I can't believe that this is normal, especially giving the cost and reputation of this screen.

Does anyone know what is causing this, or have a techincal explanantion for it? I need to convince sharp that there is a problem , because I am certainly not watching it like this.

Although the picture looks blue, the screen was at a blank input screen when I took it. That must be something to do with my camera. The tv is at factory settings.

sharp tv

Thanks for any help

If anyone has one of these tvs, al least I would appreciate it if you can confirm that it does not happen on yours, so I know that I am not seeing things!

From your picture it looks like a physical mark similar to if you rub your finger across the screen ?

It looks as though the outer screen is pushing against the inner part which is giving the effect you see, In which case i would say its deffinately faulty and ask for a replacement.
Yes it does look like something is pushing against the screen, the brighter parts also looks like when dust settles on the screen or sunlight shining on it. Obvously it is neither of those ( I have checked ) :)
I recently recieved my repacement TV, after convicong my dealer that there was a fault.
The unthinkable has happened, this one has the same fault!!

I cannot believe my luck, a problem which no one else as apparently even seen (including sharp themselves) and I get two in a row.
I have a case open with sharp, they have not given me an answer yet. I think I'll let the warranty deal with it this time.

Again, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I wish i'd stuck with my 32" CRT now, at least I have a 14" portable to look at with no stupid oval.
hi , I have just bought one of these screens a couple of days ago and i have the same problem, im going to phone sharp and see what they say about it. was your problem resolved or are you still waiting on sharp to work it out...
For info - Don't have this on my little 30"er.


Chris L.
An engineer came out to my house after no one at sharp could give a good explanation, he was very helpful and took the TV away. A few days later I got a new TV and after 3 days it looks perfect. I specifically asked them to test the new one for 3 days themselves before sending it out to me.

The engineers view was that it was air trapped in some of the LCD layers, because when they tested it, the shape moved as they pressed the screen.
He did say to me that my case was 'extreme' and mentioned that other people with the same problem do not always get it replaced because it is within 'acceptable limits' according to sharp.

Personally, if they had have come back to me and said that I would have gone back to my dealer and claimed a refund, due to the fact that it was not advertised as having this problem. I live in the UK so I don't know what the trading terms are if you live in another country.
If you have just bought the TV or if it is under warranty I would say to get an engineer out to look at it.

My own view is that there was a problem or fault in the manufacturing process and a number have been made faulty, I must have been quite unlucky to get two in a row.
I bought mine from, sharp are looking into why two faulty tvs came from there, but obviously I probably will never know, nor do I need to know the outcome of that.
Snap, I also got mine from robertsons online on 30th March and I will be phoning them tomorrow 3rd Apr . It must be a bad batch of screens they have. I will try and get a replacement first and if it is the same as the first one I will call Sharp . I might go to robertsons head office as it is only a few miles from where i stay and explain to them that there could be a problem with their screens.
I think a visit to their office would be worthwhile, as you can see from one of my previous posts, they tried to deny there was a fault with my first one. They were not forcefully denying it, they just didn't test it properly. I found their customer service to be above average overall. When I sent them my pictures they admitted it.

I didn't speak to them about the second one, merely sent them an email saying I would be in touch if necessary. I think all they will do is send you another TV and it will probably turn out to be bad too. When I bought it originally, they said they had 5 in stock, so they could be out completely by now..

If you don't get any help from robertsons, it may be worth contacting sharp service and telling them about this thread.

I'm sure you will get it resolved in the end, post back here when the problem fixed, it would be interesting to see what happens now.

Something else - The warranty card that comes with it, is not the 3 year one (I'm presuming thats why you got it on the 30th, to meet the deadline), its the standard 1 year. They are supposed to come out with the TV, but I had to get mine posted from sharp service.

You have until the 30/4/04 to register, and need to prove purchase with an original receipt. Also make sure you note serial numbers of your original TV, even if you send it back to robertsons, sharp asked for my first one to help identify the root cause, although I will be registering mine with the 3rd TV's serial.
Thanks for your advice , when i ordered mine they said there was 4 in stock, Im thinking now about sending it back and ordering from another company but on the other hand I might try another tv from robertsons, I will go to them tomorrow and explain my problem and mention that mine is not the only faulty tv of its kind they have sent out. I got the 3 year warrenty card sent out to me today , hope we dont need to use it in the future eh. Ill post how i get on later...
Hi guys, out of curiosity how did u get on with buying from Robertsons-online? I actually work for them (well in the shops anyway- please dont hold it against me!!! ) and wondered how u found the after sales, obviously the online is cheaper but did u get the same after sale etc.. please be honest --honestly I wont get upset!! :(
I found robertsons sales service to be good, the after sales were very helpful too. I was a bit surprised to see that no fault was found initially on my first TV, when there clearly was. In the end there were no problems with getting a replacement.

I did try to get through on a saturday, trying several times throughout the day an no one answered.

The only reason I chose robertsons was because of the price, some pricerunner reviews are no so favourable but I would give you a 4/5.

To be honest I would be a bit hesitant to buy from you again, unless your price was significantly better than a competitor for a particular product.

This has nothing to do with your service level, more to the fact that I received 2 TV's with the same strange problem, and one other person has (on this thread).

Although this probably has nothing whatsoever to do with yourselves, because they obviously come from sharp originally, it just has stuck in my mind.
If an explanation is ever given (e.g faulty batch), I suppose that would ease my thoughts..
Hi , Phoned Robertsons on Sat morning about my faulty lcd and was told they will uplift it on Tuesday [today] , explained my problem on the phone to the service dept and found them very helpfull, i followed that up with a e-mail and some photos of screen. Robertsons came today [Tues] and took my tv to their workshop.
A few hours later I got a call from them saying my screen was indeed faulty and offered me a complete refund or another sharp lc37hv4e. They told me there is a good chance that if i take another tv then it might have the same fault as the other three [bad batch possibly ]which they have sold in the last month. They also said it could be delivered on Thursday and if it is faulty again I will get a full refund. Well , I will give them one more chance and get another one from them , if this one is the same as the last Ill send it back and order from shop@digital. I contacted Sharp but they did not seem that interested, mayby it was the wrong Dept I got through to.can james post the number he phoned.
I have found robertsons to be very helpfull in this matter.
Sorry to jpmunroe2004, I dont know why I posted the name james in my post insted of your user name.
My name is James, I signed my previous posts with it..

Initially I filled in a support form on the sharp website, eventually I got this number through email, which is for sharpserv. They are a division of sharp and this number is specifically for aquos TV's.

0870 787 4837

I also have one on my receipt from the sharp engineer, which I have not phoned at all:

0870 738 0000
Well , got my replacement tv on thursday set it up and waited to see if this one was any better. Guess what, it is the same as the first one but this time there is a large white patch shining through on about a quarter of the the bottom left of the screen , you can see it clearly on the input screen and any dark tv programes. Time to send it back and try another dealer methinks.
Surely not all LCD screens are like this , James , has your lcd got any white, brown, blueish colours on the input screen or is it all the same dark colour.
I will try one from shop@digital but in the meantime i will call Sharpserv and explain my problem. ps im now an expert on unpacking and packing also setting these tvs up....
This sounds like the same fault to me, just in a different patch.

The one I have now is perfect, the blank input screen should look the same all the way across, like the TV is turned off. If you have any strange patches at normal viewing angles I would say there is a fault.

I looked into this problem heavily, as you can imagine. I viewed three other 37's at high street stores. They all looked like mine does now (i.e no patches on an input screen), and therefore none when viewing normally.

I don't know if it is the way robertsons handles or stores them or some other reason but they all look to be faulty in some way or another. I think your idea to try another dealer is probably a good one, but as I've said before I got mine replaced under warranty from sharpserv.

It may help to call sharpserv in any case, they may now have found a reason for so many faulty ones. If the problem is a production batch, you may just end up getting another faulty one from another dealer.

You will get there in the end, and once you have one that works it will be worth it.. trust me :)
Cheers mate for your reply, Robertsons are uplifting my screen on Thursday and giving me a full refund. I will contact sharpserv on monday and explain whats been happening with these screens from Robertsons.
I will order a new one next week from shop@digital, [keeping my fingers crossed that this one will be ok ]. thanks again for your help, i will post again when all is resolved...Alan..
Well , got my new screen today from shopatdigital, great company to deal with , they tested my screen before sending it out to me and have been a pleasure to order from,highly recommended.
The picture on the screen is amazing, with a sky+ feed into it and so far no defects at all.
By the way Robertsons have had my old screen now for over a week and im still waiting on a Refund, phoned them twice in the last two days about my refund and on both occasions i have been told that someone will phone me back about my refund, but no one has . If money not refunded back into my Visa account soon i will be contacting Visa about this problem.
Why is it that companies are quick to take your money but dont want to give it back to you.
Will not be ordering anything from Robertsons online again , two faulty TVs and c**p after sales, no way, and to think that they are only a few miles away from where i stay. thanks to James for his understanding of my problem and to shopatdigital who also went out of their way to help me . Alan....
Isn't this what most people term light leakage? If so it is very common on all LCD tv's I have seen to greater or lesser degrees

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