Problem with Sennheiser CX-300 Headphones


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I just bought some cx-300 headphones and after trying them out they sound crap. The bass is so strong that all the vocals and music sound drained, when watching a tv program like 24 in some scenes I can barely hear the music at all! The headphones that came with my psp sound much better in compaison, music sounds much richer with them.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?


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I bought some of the same headphone of this forum, and I must admit I have a similar issue, they seem REALLY STRONG BASS, generally I just put up with it, glad to hear I am not the only one!

Hope you find a solution!


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I find mine ok. I think its a matter of synergy with the component its plugged in to. For example, i think they were designed for relatively bass light portables, as that is how most sound. I get a pretty decent sound using these with a T-Mobile Vario. Its not as if i am used to, or will tolerate, crap sound either (home rig in the sig below). However, i do like bass, so that obviously has an influence.

Are you sure they arent fake ones? (genuine ones come in a "blister" pack).

How long have you used them? Perhaps they need to bed in.

Failing all of that though, does your device have any kind of EQ (equalizer)? If so, that might be the way forward, you should be able to tame the bass a little.

Failing that though, perhaps you just dont like the sound, in which case, I'd suggest something with less bass, perhaps like the Sennheiser MX range.

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