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Problem with Sanyo Z1 - Yami 365

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by sornz1, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. sornz1


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    Hello! Got a problem with my Sanyo Z1 - Yami 365 Connection!

    The picture is good, but i got a little problem.
    When I take 720p-50Hz I got no tearing, but the problem is, that if i make changes in the picture menu of the Z1 (Hpos/Vpos/Tracking/...) and save (under setting 1 for example) them, I can use them in that session. But when I turn off the Z1 and turn it on again, my custom setting 1 is off and 720p-Standard is on again. When I then try to activate the setting1, the projector switches to setting1 and immediately back to 720p, so it seems, that the z1 can't use it. WHY? When I do the settings all manually, I can use them without problems that session! Why can't the projector (z1) switch to them later?

    The problem is away, when I set the Yama365 to 720p (without 50Hz- so it gives 60Hz i think). Then I can switch between the settings at the Z1.

    The Problem must have something to do with the Frequency but WHY?


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