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Hi All,

I’m looking for advice regarding a problem I’m having with my Rotel RA05SE amp.

When the amp is on and not playing or sometimes between tracks, it makes a popping/crackling sound. The sound is not very loud. Also, when I switch the amp off, it makes the same sound but a little bit louder. Attached soundbite is the sound and then the louder one when the amp is turned off.

I have experimented and I found that it doesn’t matter which circuit in my house it is on, or what power cable is used to power it.

More interestingly, I have also found that the phenomenon only happens (except in the case of the phono stage), when a component is attached to the RCA inputs, and even if the component in question is unplugged from its power source. The phenomena does not happen if only RCA cables are connected. Also, it does happen if the amp is set on the phone on stage, even if no components are connected.

I have three questions:
1. Is this a major issue or is there an easy fix?

2. Is it a problem to continue using the amp in the meantime and also, does the issue affect the sound quality?



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