Question Problem with Rotel RA-04SE amp

Marc G

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Would really welcome some help with diagnosing a problem with my 5 year old Rotel RA-04SE amp.

Listening to the CD-R the other week, the left channel suddenly cut out - no crackling or splutter. I pulled out and reconnected the speaker wires to the amp as an initial troubleshooting action and after doing so found that output on the right channel was down to about a third when using phono and CD player (left channel was/is functioning normally) and that the CD-R was only playing through the left channel (which seemed odd since it was the right one that had packed up - I can't work that out at all!?).

On further troubleshooting, I've swapped the speakers round - no problem there - and replaced the speaker wire (and I have to say I was using 30 year old cable which probably needed renewing). The only change in the situation is a slight hum from the right channel when nothing's being played.

My basic layman's guess for the CD-R problem is that when the left channel dropped out (for whatever reason) it blew one of the CD-R fuses in the amp. But as for the loss of output in the right channel, I've no idea.

Really appreciate some advice from people more expert than me. Currently weighing up whether to pay for a repair or simply to get a new 'un. I reckon I've used it no more than a couple of hours a month since buying so at £270 it's not given a great deal of service since 2010.

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