Problem with R3 One Hour Photo and DVD Profiler.



Having got a R3 copy of OHP from CD-WOW I went to add it to my DVD Profile only to find that there isn't a barcode on the case and it doesn't list a R3 version when I do a search for it in DVD Profiler.
Has anyone else got this combination,how did you put it in your profile,I could do it manually I suppose but I am lazy!


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I have had Asian discs which were not on the database as well - I just waited a while and they soon appeared - So I think its a case of DIY or patience! :thumbsdow


Had the same problem with City Of God R3 I got from CD-Wow. It has a barcode, but isn't on DVD-Profiler.

richard plumb

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you could search manually for the name and pinch the R1 or R2 info, then edit the region afterwards. (or go into smiths and write down the R2 barcode number if thats easier)


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w hy not just do the profile yourselves???

I`m sure there are many around that are waiting for it to appear.
Just make the profile yourself, upload it and not only will your name be on it later, but dvdprofiler relies on people to do it.

PS R3 discs usually have a code that is some combination of letters and numbers

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