Problem with PopCorn Hour A110

Great Fandango

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I've owned my trusty Popcorn Hour A110 since they first came out. It has performed flawlessly over the years I have owned it.

Apart from pointing to several different networked shares it also has an internally mounted 2Tb Samsung spinpoint hard drive. I only keep the odd (and old) TV series on this drive as everything else (such as movies) are more safely stored on redundant NAS drives.

I went to play an episode of Blackadder today but when I selected "01 HARD_DISK" from the main source menu it comes up with the message "Request cannot be processed"

You'd have thought this meant the hard drive inside the Popcorn hour is cream-crackered but I can still get to the files, play, delete, upload etc. etc. from my windows machines.

All other shares work fine.

Any Popcorn A110 fanatics out there who might be able to shed some light on the situation?

Any help is much appreciated.


Kyle, Leeds
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