Problem with playback after recording on Sony RDR-GX300


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Hi there!
I'm borrowing a Sony RDR-GX300 DVD recorder so that I can back up a Sky+ recording. I'm using Panasonic DVD-R discs (1-16X). They are gold topped with pink/purple TY dye.

After recording the feed from Sky+ and then 'finalizing' the DVD, when I play back the disc on other DVD players the motion stutters every minute or so. It's like it suddenly slows then catches it's self back up again. It only lasts for a couple of seconds at a time but when it happens every minute it's useless. If I play it back on the Sony recorder it plays back fine although it seems that the stutter is still happening - it's just that it happens much much faster on the Sony so that it's barely noticable.

I'm very new to DVD recorders, is there anything I should or shouldn't be doing with this particular model? I am recording at HSP quality (90 minutes per disc).

Could it be the discs I'm using?

Thanks for any help.


If they are playing at all on the other DVD players then yes its probably the disc quality. However some players will not play DVD-R and some will not play DVD+R. There is a way round this but that can only be applied on PC based DVDrewriters.

However I also found that some apparently top brand discs also gave quality problems similar to that you describe.. I always use Verbatim now as they seem to be the only brand that is widely available that are entirely trustworthy.


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I think it may be that the discs I'm trying are 16X and the max the player can do is 8X. I've tried a DVD RW 4X disc and that works fine. I'm copying the DVD RW onto a DVD-R on my computer afterwards. So sorted!

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