Problem with Pioneer PDP-505HDE HDMI Input

Mr Merrick

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I've had for a few months now a Pioneer PDP-505HDE and a Marantz DV12-S2. Up until now it was running fine from the DVI (HDCP) output via a Supra DVI-HDMI Adapter and a Supra 1m HDMI cable. On Friday, I decided to hook up a 2-Channel RCA-Phono feed from the media box to my processor in order to get sound from an XBOX (Scart input 2) to my speakers as a temporary measure until the new component/optical cable arrives.

After a quick game of Halo 2, I decided to put a DVD on. However, when I switched to input 3 the screen went black temporarily (as it usually does) but keeps failing to lock onto the digital signal. The picture will flicker and show (Input 3: HDMI) in the corner, but goes black again, flickers for a bit, shows Input 3: HDMI in a continuous loop.

I checked the option menu on the media box to confirm the HDMI input was enabled (it was), and hooked up the Marantz via scart to confirm that it's still playing discs (it is). I even tried another HDMI cable and DVI-HDMI adapter but to no avail.

There is no menu on the Marantz for the DVI output as it doesn't have a scaler and is always on anyway.

I'm certain there may be a problem with the media receiver as opposed to the Marantz as I never touched the player at all whilst changing cables. I was also careful not to foul any existing cable connections.

If anyone can help or has had a similar issue with the Pioneer, :lease: let me know...

Many thanks in advance, David

Joe Fernand

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Mr Merrick

Have you tried unplugging and then replugging the HDMI/DVI cable?

Best regards


PS I take it the sigs correct - you have a 504HDE!

Mr Merrick

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No, it's a 5 Series...The sig's quite old now. I needed HDMI and Component to be on separate inputs, so I sold the Mk4 and upgraded it to a Mk5 for next to nothing.

I did change the cable over for a new one, but still no joy. I even changed the DVI-HDMI adapter.

I suppose I could go from RGB to component, but why bother buying more cables if it worked better on HDMI to begin with? I phoned Pioneer service this afternoon and they were adamant that the 505 doesn't work with DVI equipped players, and even after explaining that my player was running fine on the HDMI input for 2 months he still wouldn't have it. :laugh: I admire their solidarity, but I refuse to believe that I had no picture for 2 months from a player that was connected with 'only' a HDMI cable and Digital Coax...

Mr Merrick

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I nicked our display media box from work for the night and found out that the HDMI input on my media box is faulty. I shall be taking the replacement home tonight. End of thread.

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