Problem with Pioneer DVR-550HX


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Hi, I got a brand new Pioneer DVR-550HX yesterday.
Even though it has great features, the performance of the DVB tuner is quite poor compared with the internal one on my Samsung M87 TV. I don't know the specifics, I'm no expert but I can say the the picture quality is quite worse than the Samsung.

That would not be a big deal, since the recorder tuner would only be used when recording, which I only do occasionally.
The real problem is, the DVB tuner works (almost) OK if the HDMI output is set the to 576p, but if I set it to 1080p, most channels will show "No signal" and those which show images is with constant freezes or blocking (just as when there's a poor signal). It auto-detected all freeview channels when it was set to 576p, but when in 1080p I cannot get a decent view.

Now, what should I do? Return it and ask for a refund, or for a replacement unit? Is this the normal for this model or just my unit? Can this be a bug that could be solved with a new firmware? Anyone experienced such a thing?



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That shouldn't happen.
There is no way the output format can affect the DVB-T Tuner sensitivity.


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I agree it shouldn't happen, but it does.

However, I found the solution:
This unit has separate aerial input/outputs for analogue and digital TV. Since I don't care about analogue since I have perfect freeview reception, I only connected the aerial into the digital input.
Reading another post on this forum about the DVR-545, they said they connected the aerial into the analogue in, the analogue out into the digital in, and the digital out into TV. I did so, and the tuner now works fine whatever the HDMI output is set to. I don't really understand why it is like this.

So I'll keep the unit, even though the image quality is not that great.


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it prefer on my 545 HX into M87 - it still 1080i as 550HX upgrade to add up with 1080p --- it seem great with 1080i in 545 through HDMI, picture look very good.

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